Kenny's Personal Page
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"Here's the 4A11 on "Kenny'---Mandolin Player~

Kenny O'Quinn is from Elkhorn City, Ky. Kenny began
his professional music career playing with the rock
band Barstool Sarcasm. Soon there after, he returned
to his roots, taking a job with The Russell Fork
Ramblers. From this band O'Quinn along with banjo
player Jim Martin formed Whitewater Grass. Whitewater
Grass enjoyed local success and this is where Kenny
started to gain credibility as a fine mandolin player.
After Whitewater Grass Kenny went on to join The
South Mountain Boys, who are well known throughout
Southwest Virginia as well as Southern West Virgina,
Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky. Most recently O'Quinn
has joined The Tommy Webb Band.

"I am really grateful to get to play with The Tommy
Webb Band. It is really an honor. I've played alot
of music with alot of people....This band has got
'it'...whatever 'it' is."